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Carbo 4000 and 5 Head Keg Filler

We are delighted to be working with Great Yorkshire Brewery and have recently completed manufacturing and delivering a Carbo 4000 for imminent installation and commissioning.

The Brewery have also made the decision to purchase a 5 Head Keg Filler through our Italian colleagues, Enoveneta.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Great Yorkshire Brewery for their continued trust and support as they continue to grow their operation and reputation as a prominent beer manufacturer in Yorkshire and indeed the UK. Here’s to continued growth and success.


Carbo 4000 with Filter housing and Alarm Beacon


Following installation and commissioning we have received a glowing testimonial from Peter Ord, production manager at the brewery:

We have known the team at Carbonation Techniques for years now and have a good working relationship with them, so when we needed to upscale our Kegging plant and carbonator we went straight to them.  Rob came over for a site visit to speak to us about what our requirements would be going forward.

Following the meeting Rob he recommended the Enoveneta 5 Head kegging machine paired with their Carbo 4000. So we placed an order.

From placing the order to final installation, we could not believe how quick, easy and stress free with only a few days of down time when making the transition.  Upon commissioning we could already tell that the new equipment will save labour time and money, not to mention the reduction in Co2 costs.

Rob, Chris and Wendy, were all super and a pleasure to work with.

Peter Ord,
Production Manager,
Great Yorkshire Brewery.

Enoveneta’s 5 Head Keg Filler on site


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